Self-improvement challenge: something I’m proud of

Knew how to read at an early age and continue reading since.

Have kept quite a lot of journals (although not continuously).

Good at self-learning: I know I’m not academically good because my teachers are great or my schools are great (in fact, I spend a whole lot of my life with teachers taking my money more than giving me any sort of knowledge). I have good grades and know things because I self-taught myself. What I have self-taught?

  • English
  • Playing the piano
  • Reading
  • Coding
  • Dancing
  • Writing
  • Self-disciplined

Okay I get it. I’m not excel at most of them, and there are more on the list. But hey, I’m doing good and I’m committed. At least that saves me a bunch of money from bad teachers 🙂

I’m proud because I got into PTNK.

For surviving, learning, and growing in a faraway country without any relatives or acquaintances helping.

I got 104 on the TOEFL test :-)))))

ACT isn’t so great but I still think it’s good enough, and I’m proud that I never let it let me down.

I’m open to new things, new knowledge. I never stick to only one kind of books or one kind of music genre. That’s how I know a bit here and there of many things.

I’m proud of my parents because they are cool. We have conflicts almost all the time, but love always find ways to sneak in. They treat me as their friends to share things with, and perhaps the great distance between us has helped them see many different facet of my personality. I mean, they have always loved me so much. But loving doesn’t always go with the right teaching technique. They do have it now, though.

I’m proud of my sister. She has been a great inspiration for me. She’s the most patient and persistent and creative person I know in the world. It’s fun to learn what she likes and doesn’t like. It’s fun to cook and able to say, “oh she probably won’t like honey on her dish” or “I think she’d love it if we have chicken for dinner”. It’s fun to be a genuine swimmer while she hates swimming, and she enjoys all other kinds if sport. That makes me proud.

I’m proud for being able to sleep just everywhere. It makes my life so much easier, especially when I travel. But now as I grow older, I think that has changed a little bit. Hmmmm.

I’m proud to be an observant. Although not that good. I fail to catch if someone is having a crush on someone. This makes me fall behind on many events. But I’m good at calling out a person being confident by will rather than by birth. If that doesn’t make sense, I’d clarify. Some people try to be confident and are successful. Some people have confidence as a talent. The line between them is not that great. I can see who is who.

Oh I can bike. I can ride a scooter. I can cook. I have done solo trips, with uncertainty but confidence. I have gone scuba diving without going back to shore before the session was over. Well, I didn’t think it was that good until my mentor said most people come back for at least one. Some people did four times.

This isn’t something fun but I’m proud because it sets me apart from others: I’m socially awkward. Not even kidding. But I guess that’s find because I know what I need to work on, and I’m proud that I know what I’m bad at.

I’m proud because I have gone to a some sketchy public schools but still self-taught myself outta it.

I’m proud for finding myself a boyfriend whom I didn’t regret dating. He was and is a great guy. He was someone I needed at the time. I loved him. Yes, I did, although we didn’t turn out very well. I think that end did us good. I’m proud of him either ways.

I’m proud of my classmates, of the friendships I have made over the years. Not much dramas, and what’s better than relationships with no gossiping. Many of them love me and still love me, and I love them too.

That’s enough for today. These are what I’m proud of. Writing these down reminds me to be more grateful and feel more at ease when I’m going through bad seasons. You should do it too.

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