Joy comes with responsibility

Every time I step out of the house is a time my life at risk. Or even if I stay at home. Oh don’t freak out, I just say it as a statement true for everybody.

I think people, especially me, have been taking their lives for granted. I never think much about safety. If I can go places, I don’t care much about not making it home after those trips. It’s fun, and that’s what I want to know.

One time, though, my parents called and told me I need to be careful.

Don’t worry, I won’t die that soon.

But how am I so sure? And I realized I might die more than I dared to think about. On the bus to school. On the plane. That one time when I went scuba diving. That one time when I went to San Juan Island. Every journey bears the risk of death, but I never take it seriously and never feel grateful for another day to live. I think it’s obvious that I will go to school tomorrow and work the day after, and I will graduate and get a job and maybe study for my master degree. All those things, I have planned too far ahead, but never for a second simply think about my life.

The same thing with my health. I have started eating healthier and taking enough sleep and working out a good amount. Because why can I be so sure that I will make it through college if I never know how to rest and balance? I’m at that age when everybody has strength to do everything, but hey many people have died because they thought they were too strong nothing could ever let them down, and in fact everything can let you down.

So, before you think about career and success, think twice about your life right now and see if you’re doing it right. You have one life to live for all the joys on Earth, don’t shorten it because it’s already really short.

But don’t be too careful, okay? Because you only have one life, just have as much fun as you can and work as hard as you want. Do all those things and go to all those places, but please with responsibility. No need for careful plans (it’s not fun to plan everything), but please be aware that you, only you, are responsible for your life.

Published by Thi Le


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