nostalgic again

chúc mừng em gái tui được dô đội tuyển bóng rổ của trường nha

flying in two nights

not my first time

not my second time

but this feeling has always been fresh as it is

i was at the dentist two weeks ago, “saying good-bye” to my very last wisdom tooth. the other three didn’t really give me nightmares, but they did wake me up at 3 and make me emotional. i wrote more on those days.

i remember with the last one, after three shots of anesthetic, my body was shaking and my heart rate was alarming. i could not feel my legs, my arms, especially my mouth. i was scared and i was ashamed of that. after all, i never allow myself to be afraid of anything like these — any fears that are caused by human fooling mind.

inhale 1 2 3

exhale 1 2 3 4 5 6


and repeat

that’s something i learned from my trip to the philippines, about breathing and staying relaxed.

that was what i remembered when my body was shaking hard. i inhaled for 3 beats and exhaled for 6. everything felt better then.

why would i be so anxious? i have always believed in “practice makes perfect”, but why i have never been better at controlling these emotions. why are they always so fresh and how can they make me so nostalgic even when i’m still at home?

inhale 1 2 3

exhale 1 2 3 4 5 6

i already miss my sister

i already miss my mom and dad and everything they had done whether i liked it or not

i have never been in a home without me, but my life without them requests an extra bit of effort to be happy and feel loved.

another summer is gone. and i haven’t done much except being a bad daughter.

hìu ước gì được cho mọi người dô một quả cầu thuỷ tinh và đem theo ha

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