The Book Thief, my third entry.

Liesel is learning to read.

I mean, she’s a book thief, and later on she will continue to let books save her life. But I’m again at that part when she learns to read, and one thing I first time realize: even the word shaker needs time.

She started as the worst in class in reading. That one student whom teachers will pass when it comes to reading competition because nobody believes she can make it. She started by reading a book about grave diggers and their jobs. It went beyond hers and her foster father’s reading level and about something miserable, especially when she has witnessed her brother’s sudden death and her mother’s disappearance as a result of marrying or being a communist in German society under Hitler’s control.

I wonder how much time it will take for me to be good at something I truly “am supposed to be good at”, if there are such things? A day? Of course not. A month? It depends. A year or years? Definitely.

If so, I will try a little bit more. I know I have told myself this a hundred million times, but another reminder is worth it.

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