More room because you make it possible

My sister is here because she is silly.

I think Dad’s favorite quote of the day must be, “[t]here is still room for your books.”

One thing that I am worried most about when traveling is not having books to read. I have plenty of books here, so I want to make the most out of that — I want to bring them home over the summer, especially when it’s costly to buy English books in Vietnam. I feel insecure when not having a book or two in my backpack.

“There is still room for [my] books,” even though we struggled a lot to stuff everything inside all the bags and suitcases we have. And I am grateful.

But I’m even more grateful for how they understand me. Always, they always think of me and think of how there should be book selves and spaces for my books at home. We move a lot and I was not usually there to help with moving, but when I ask, Mom always says she keeps my books in separate boxes, never thinking about getting rid of even just one. Yes, never, despite how many times we have moved and how many times she has been tired of cleaning up.

After all, it’s from them and with their encouragement that I learn to value and keep books by my side. Sometimes, I laugh when Mom frowns as I say I lent a friend my books. She thinks I should keep those books in my collection. I think I should share because sharing makes books more valuable. But I still keep track of them, at my best, because of her.

There is always room for books. More books.

There is always love from my parents, and love makes room.

Love makes time. Love makes most thing possible.

Published by Thi Le


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