to june


my sister was born in june

she smiled when she first came to life

so my mom called her merry

her arrival changed my life

she is a little delightful gift

i have always been grateful

because she is there

because i bring silence

and she breaks the silence

filling the cracks with joy


i am grateful.

but i forget that it is june sometimes

because when june comes

it also reminds me of this quote

i have been a student for most of my life

and am still be for a long time

and so june,

you reminds me that people will eventually leave

and life will still go on

i will meet all these friends and start building a new community

and time will set us apart

when june comes

but i will still be grateful

and be waiting for junes

again and again and again

not because of summers

but because of the hugs and loves

the sadness of departing

but also the excitement of what is waiting ahead

the mix of feelings

a good mix

Published by Thi Le


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