Yes and…

The only thing that I have been telling myself to do every morning lately is to say yes.

Yes to opportunities. Yes to challenges. Yes to chances to learn and grow.

I got bored a little bit when realizing my days have been the same lately. So just these little two words “Yes and…” motivate me to accept more things into my life.

Yes I will ask my friend about that one thing he is really interested about but I am not and will follow up when I see him again some time this week.

Yes I will call my mom today and will wish her a good day at work.

Yes I will smile more and will encourage others to smile more.

Yes’s to questions, such as “Do you think it would work if we have Core at your house this week?”, “Do want to walk to Haggen at 10 just to get ourselves moving before bed?”, or “Do you want to facilitate the game we will be playing in the next 5 minutes?”

All the spontaneous ones. All the challenging ones.

Because without yes’s my life will remain the same — the day will have that same 24 hours and I gain nothing.

So just say yes, because I still can.

– Are you actually writing to your teacher saying that you cannot stand octopus and that you have a phobia of octopus and therefore cannot finish the homework because it is all about watching octopus?

– Yes, I am.

Published by Thi Le


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