Start growing now

I need to start somewhere, so I’d call starting tomorrow it’s week 1.

Week 1 resolution:

No chitchatting and doing useless things on social media — only use it for work and CCF.

Instead of rolling Instagram or Facebook, read that one book that I haven’t been able to finish.

That’s it. Easy. Check in again next week’s Sunday.

I write it here because I need witnesses to make it come true. I don’t really use social media much, but I still feel even though I don’t scroll all the time, there is still a big chunk of my time going nowhere. So yes I’m gonna start there.

I just realized today that I stop putting my effort in learning. Not even considering the fact that I am literally failing one of my classes and barely good on the other ones, I actually stop learning anything. I want to write better but I am not spending time to practice. I want to learn a new language but I put off the starting day. I want to become a better and knowledgeable person but all I am doing is doing puzzle and watching too much Netflix and talking to myself — all the time.

I need a starting point, and why not tomorrow.

I think it is true to many people that at this time, which is the end of April, which means more than a fourth of the year has passed by, people don’t really focus on their new year revolutions anymore. Everything goes back to its beginning, and the year would go by with nothing different than the previous year. And they (or I) would think that I can wait until next year to start all over again. Not realizing that that is not the solution.

If it works, I would say “Happy New Year!” again. To remind myself and remind anyone out there that where you start doesn’t matter, but do you have the gut to set up a goal in the middle of nowhere, being ready to race. Stop using social media is yes my first goal, but it is not the only thing that I consider important and need to change about myself. I can come up with an exhausted list, but I know myself enough to stop myself from listing everything and make a goal with the smallest thing ever.

It will all work out. At the end these small bad habits will be replaced by good ones, as long as I try.

As long as I start. Somewhere.

And btw, HE IS RISEN!

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