Wrap up that craze craze Wednesday

It’s the very first time in my life when I cannot remember anything in my schedule, and that I have to totally rely on Google Calendar to figure out what my plan is every day.

I just cannot keep track of anything, even messages and texts from people.

And the annoying people would just keep being annoying. Nice people would be just so so nice.

And I have to remind myself again, that I love all of them no matter what they do and what they say, simply because they were born just like me — in the image if God.

The other day I said that I didn’t believe I have a whole Wednesday morning off, and yes it turned out I was right — I just didn’t put two of my meetings down on my planner.

That’s how I start my quarter. I don’t read, simply because as long as I read I cannot stop, but breaks are not unlimited.

I also forget to check in with people. I figured how terrible it is when friends have problems but they call me last just because they assume I would be busy. Sometimes I would accept that as a fact — I need to get things done. But today I think of it more and I want it to be different.

Published by Thi Le


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