Maya and I

I randomly walked into my workplace today, which I don’t usually do because I believe going to a place so many times will make me bored of it. And obviously, I don’t want to get bored of a place at which I would eventually have to work four days a week.

Anyway, I went to the Writing Center today, thinking I would just chitchat with my co-workers in there, and I ended up helping them out for quite a bit. Maya, our lead for the day, was working on the announcement board, so I stepped in to help her organize it.

The flyers supposed to go on the announcement board were about literature and composition courses that the school offers next quarter. Maya asked me how we could organize them so that people will recognize some of them are in the “Composition” category while the others are in “Literature”.

I suggest we start with just anywhere.

I said.

So she started to put the flyers somewhere. And she did it neatly. Every flyer was line to line. Horizontally. Vertically. Like when you create a table in Microsoft Word.

And this is where the fun came.

Hey Maya, I don’t do things line to line. – I said

But I always decorate my room neatly like this! – she said

I decorate my room by putting things randomly haha. – I said

We ended up each person doing half of the board the way we wanted, and they blended with each other so well at last. She would say which part she prefers it to be neatly, and I would say I agree or disagree with that. It is nice that she listens to my ideas. My supervisor laughed at us because she loves the idea that we are so different from each other. We high-fived because the announcement board looked great.

Maya and I, we are an interesting combination.

There was a time I borrowed her poetry book, and as soon as I had the book on my hands, I started unfolding folded pages because they bothered me so much. (I use bookmarks) Meanwhile, she stared at me until eventually said,

Hey do you mind not unfolding them? Those mark the poems I like most.

See? We are just so different, but I realized that these differences are those I can learn from. I have met many people in my life who agree upon things I can never understand. With Maya, it’s more like we are from different paths but walking towards the same destination.

Let me demonstrate this in a better way.

There are two types of people on Earth, according to me in this situation.

Image result for smaller than sign
This is the first type of people.

I just can never stand these people. They say funny things and I would laugh at them and leave. Keep working with them takes lots of patience because they would never understand why I think the way I think. We would walk in very different directions.

Image result for greater than sign
This is the second type of people.

We are from totally separated starting point “walking towards the same destination”. Maya and I wanted to have our announcement board look good, so we decided on representing it as a board showing how part of it seems to be tidy, while the other part is messy, just like us, just as the Writing Center is the combination of people of various backgrounds.

Being with Maya helps me learn more about her. She respects my perspective as I respect hers, and that makes things between us so much easier. I would stop unfolding her book’s pages although I was bothered, and she would let me make a corner of the Writing Center a mess.

I love that. I love the idea.

It is nice to step into your workplace on the day you don’t need to work because you might want to just learn something from the people.

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