Life Cycle

A cycle repeats every single step, infinitively.

I am excited for my next quarter. I am excited for what I will learn in History, Public Speaking, and Geology classes. I will also take a Udemy course about Graphic Design, because I want to expand my skills beyond studying academic contents.

But not yet.

Finals of this quarter haven’t been over yet! 3 papers, 1 tests, and 8 journals are waiting for me! And never in my life has I ever been this unmotivated!! 😓😓😓 I need energy to finish my things, but energy seems to be inexistent.

The cycle: excited, stressed, exhausted, relieved.

Stage 3 is where I am at.

Cycle of life. Time flies fast. I remember everyday riding the bus, I notice changes of trees. They were colorful when I came, last fall, which was truly wonderful to me because where I came from there ain’t any yellow or red leaves. In the winter, the trees made me feel bad for them because they looked cold and lonely. Spring came. I got to walk under the sun and had a closer look at my surrounding. No rushing because no wind. No running because no rain.

Life cycle. Flowers flourish and fall. Just like me every season of life. My adopted brother never wishes I would have a happy new year, but rather he would encourage me to take in any catastrophes that life has to offer, because without those I would never understand true happiness.

I appreciate what he says. Those words, in my adversities, become so much more than just words. They are guidance that takes me from season to season, closer and closer to what I want.

He also has a circle theory, but I will talk about that some other time.

For now, let’s have a good night’s sleep.

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