From a very different perspective

She got out of her house and went on a walk, in the midst of deadlines.

She sat down on a bench on one side of the street, took out her phone, and started taking pictures of herself.

She posted those photos on her social media account right when she got access to the Wifi.

She never did those things before.


There was a plan for today, but that didn’t matter. Because life wasn’t all about plans.

CCF today didn’t turn out to be what I wanted. The game I planned wasn’t what I wanted it to be at first. My health didn’t actually allow me to enjoy it as I expected.

But that opened a door for me to see things from a very different perspective.

I was tired, so I sat aside to see others hanging out. And I realized hey they’re pretty cute. He is caring, she is understanding, or she is generous. All the good adjectives!

It’s just important to stop and actually think about what I should do. I should love more, care more, and take just more and more photos!

Published by Thi Le


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