Her name starts with a T. She has long black hair just like me. She has braces just like me. She is lovely.

(Other perspectives) We look like twins, but we are so different. 

It was dark, and it was warm, except when I turned my body around and the air slipped in, it would be extremely cold. 

I starred at the ceiling. It was dark outside, and that didn’t give me any sense about the time or the location (although I knew for sure I was in my room and my house didn’t move). 

It was nice of her to tell me I should go home earlier. But I would tell her, 

When 5pm is as dark as 8pm, what is the point of going home “early”?

She is the best housemate, first of all compared to me. She was a good listener and friend, a smart student, and a beloved daughter. I adore how she did things the way she did. And in me, there would never be a feeling of trying to be better than her, even though I sometimes felt this way with other people. 

I starred at the ceiling. Thinking about what to do today. I miss her.