My role

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My sister many years ago. She is now taller and slimmer, and she is wise and creative. 

When my sister was born many years ago, my Mom usually joked that she would repeat classes many times because she seemed to be not good at studying.

Until, studying is still not for her. From my observation, many second born in a family tend to make more mistakes, not because they cannot do something, but only because they don’t want to finish things perfectly. My sister is different from me. She is patient and creative. She recycles daily objects to what she needs – a doll house, a notebook, or simply just a painting. I will never be able to do that. 

It takes me a long time to learn to love my sister. Perhaps because we have never been through enough hard things to care for each other deeply. Because of the age gap between us, we each have different friends with different interests. I would never understand what my sister likes, and she likewise would never understand me. 

But as a big sister, I learn more and more every day. The time not being with her makes me miss her, and therefore when we get together every I go home, I know how to make the most when we see each other. 

My role. It is to be a better sister, but not a perfect sister. To love her with my sincerely, and to take care of her when my parents are not around. I miss her. 

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