(Other perspectives) Beauty.

First, second, and third. 

Where do I go? 

Thanksgiving – what do I do? 
Eating turkey and mash potato. 

Her name is Isabel, his name is Eden, and her name is Caroline. They are siblings. Their father is a church pastor.

Can i sit on your lap? 


Can I hug you? 


I love the way they are so lovely. They care for others. Isabel is the oldest, and she is wise. She understands many things even thought she seems to be not that older than the other two. She reads the Bible, and she loves reading. Just like me.

Thanksgiving. I am thankful, not because I meet these people in my life, but because I am put in a community where I have many loving friends who care deeply for each other. This is not what I usually feel thankful for. 

Years before, I would say the reason why my surroundings are always filled with awesome people is because I am awesome. 

Two positive charges will repel each other, while a positive and a negative charge will attract. 


But as years have passed and as I saw many of my friends who used to be awesome changed when they leave high school. Drugs. Selfishness. Material-oriented. 

I then realize how God has influenced my life, so that I can meet with people who share the love and teach me to care for others. 

Today is Thanksgiving. 

I am thankful for the people I have. 

And the nature gifts that I get a chance to experience every day. 

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