I never really tell anyone about how many hours I have to spend for work, for clubs, for studying, for any other stuffs that are going on in my life, because I know that if my life is hard, theirs are probably harder. I never complain about how much homework I get every day, how stressed out I was before deadlines, or how sad I am when I have to use the time instead of calling my parents or closest friends, I have to do other things first. I respect others, because yes they have their problems that are totally different than mine. 

I still don’t really complain it with anyone. But still, there is a mix of feelings when others teasing me about how stupid or how chill I am whenever I meed them.

“Now I have more respect for you when I know you work that many hours and take that many credits. I thought you have an easy life.” 

That’s the very first thing ever that makes me doubt about myself. What have I done that made others feel disrespectful about me? Especially when I try to do my homework as fast and as effective as I could just to hang out with them and to tell them I would be there. Why that little care and positive attitude turned out to be a way for them to think that I didn’t need to study, or to work hard, or there is no reason for me to not do something. 

Why people just keep forgetting to put on others’ shoes and be great friends.

Published by Thi Le


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