[DAY 72] OH! Americans…

Do you use these in your daily life? "Scoot over, please." When I first heard this, I thought they said, "scoop over," like scooping ice cream, so you can guess how puzzled I actually was. Yet, it didn't even matter if it was "scoot" or "scoop" that day, because right then, everyone moves a little [...]

[DAY 71] Sugar Said One Needs To Be On The Ground

When I start reading Cheryl Strayed, I don't stop until I finish and maybe reread a couple more times. I don't stop until I absorb all I could from her beautiful words and until I admit that there are deeper layers that I cannot reach or cannot understand. I don't stop until I am tired [...]

[DAY 65] Sapiens and Neanderthals

Keyword of today: interbreeding. When homo sapiens migrated from Africa to Eurasia hundreds of thousands of years ago, they encountered homo neanderthalensis. As species do, they mated, and since sapiens and neanderthals were similar enough, their eggs fertile; thus, it is scientifically proven that humans today still have DNA passed down from homo neanderthals. I [...]