About the Author

Thi Le / Lê Hoàng Ý Thi / 黎黄意诗

From Saigon, Vietnam. 2001. PTNK 17′, WCC 20′, UNC-CH 24′. Pisces.

I try to be real
and to understand those who choose likewise or contrariwise.

About my Writing

Reading someone’s poetry is like seeing them naked.

Turtles all the way down — John Green

For years, pieces of my writing have been kept for myself. When letting someone read my notes, I imagine they are walking into my soul, opening every secret door, and exploring exactly everything. It is uneasy because words are honest. They are the truth.

Words welcome me to the houses of great minds, of those who dreamed and dared to show the world their most vulnerable wishes. Words also guide me to understand myself and the world around me. Words are powerful and beautiful, so when I need an escape from Planet Earth, Planet Word is my destination.

The people will all see me naked, but it’s the nook and cranny through which they see me most clearly, and in seeing me clearly, I hope others will find courage to see themselves and love themselves.

This is my naked world of words.

About Beyond 365

There’d be book reviews and thoughts on almost all ordinary things. It can be a public journal. It can be a growth recorder of a young adult. I’ll be posting until it’s [DAY 365] and beyond. It’s a place for one to be vulnerable. It’s a place for one to be real and for others to see being real as being normal.